If you want something as a “ta- da” dish — a centerpiece that’s not meat, I’ve got some dishes to consider. First, think of the all the sides that we love. Many or most of them don’t require any meat or meat stock to be crowd pleasing. People love stuffing and gravy. Why not do […]

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What is that divine scent? Clafoutis, Clafouti “cla-foo-TEE”! So fun to say, this French dessert is making converts of us all. A baked custard with fruit is about the closest description that works. Trust me, it’s fast, delicious and will quickly become a regular in the rotation. Eating Well Lately A girl has to eat […]


Don’t you love a grain with with a good back story? Kamut – King Tut’s Wheat Diving into the DIY granola craze, I’ve discovered a new grain with a great history. Okay, so I’ve made granola at home three or four times and inspired a few Twitter followers to make their own with this Homemade […]