Japanese Cuisine

It all began with my Grandma. I went to visit her, in Hawaii the year before law school. She’d made a lunch of American cheese on white bread for her hapa granddaughter and I’d brought home a freshly grilled mackerel from the Japanese grocery. We had a good laugh and when she realized I loved […]


Gomashio will be familiar to those who enjoy Japanese food. Goma- is sesame, shio-  is salt. The seasoning usually consists of sesame seeds and salt ground together, and is sprinkled on things such as noodles, salads, broiled fish or tofu.               Many Japanese kitchens will have a grinder that […]


If you lived near me, you might find odd smells (usually good ones) wafting out into the hallway. You migtht sometimes hear me talking to the cats, or to myself, or occasionally laughing. Today, I did all three.  The not so photogenic, but oh-so delicious, lunch. Oyako Donburi I got it in my head that I had […]


“Kansha” – appreciation – is both an expression of gratitude for nature’s bounty and also an appreciation for a particular skill and ingenuity a cook exhibits in transforming nature’s raw material into a gorgeous meal. Deeply rooted in Buddhism, Kansha encourages respect for nature, finely tuned attention to it, conservation of energy, avoidance of waste, […]