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by Jacqueline Church on December 10, 2007 · 3 comments

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Cut my teeth on Julia Child (is this a cliche now?) and have dreams about the next truffle ganache flavor or the next roast. Literally. Each successive reinvention (from lawyer to consultant to bus dev in hi tech startups) my cover letter “story” got more interesting. Interviewers kept saying “Yeah, I get why you want to work for me, but about this cover letter… you write really well and tell a great story here. Why aren’t you a writer?”

I finally got tired of trying to re-focus people on the interview at hand. It occurred to me that the decision was sitting there slapping me in the face. (hint: Be a writer.) Next pink slip, next interview: “Okay, so I get what you can do for my company but can I ask you about this great cover letter?” (slap)

So maybe I’m a slow learner. Thinking back, I avoided the Iowa Writers Workshop right after college because I couldn’t imagine myself in Iowa. Still can’t. But, that’s not really the point here. Of course, they may not have taken me, but I never even gave the recommendation that was being offered any real thought.

Fast forward several years to now: cooking, learning about food, teaching people about food, following the food zeitgeist (which is not the same as watching the Food Network or Top Chef) and writing about it is my new gig. I answer to miscellaneous editors and the need to find the next paying project, rather than to some eejit in the next cubicle. Though a hungry kitten can be quite annoying, he’s way more adorable than any boss I’ve had. (And much smarter than at least three of them I can recall right off the top of my head.)

In addition to food, I like a lot of other things. (Takes more than one thing whether it’s law, or food, to keep me happy.) To my continued amazement and gratitude, people keep agreeing to pay me to write about these other interests. Sports, films, travel, and a little fiction. You’ll find me elsewhere in the blogosphere writing about many things.

Just now, the sun is about to come up and I’m about this close to finishing what I wanted to write tonight before hitting the hay. But the mole spice rub is done, the pea soup with Benton’s Smoky Mountain ham is put away, the chocolate-orange-pistachio cookies are wrapped. And, there’s only a few dishes left in the sink. A pretty typical night.

Don’t worry, I’ll get up in time to cook, experiment, research, and write about something else before you get home tonight. It’s going to be a rough commute so drive carefully, they’re predicting ice. I’ll have the soup on the stove.

Thanks for stopping by, do let me know what you think, tell a friend, especially if they’re an editor somewhere.


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